What Is Blog What Is Blogger How To Do Blogging Complete Guide

What Is Blog What Is Blogger How To Do Blogging
What Is Blog What Is Blogger How To Do Blogging Complete Guide

Hello, Friend’s I Vivek Prasad welcome you once again in our blog. Friends, What is a blog, What is blogging and what is a blogger. The answer to this 3 question is very important for all those who are coming in this field right now. What Is Blog What Is Blogger-How To Do Blogging?

Now tell me one thing, do you remember the time when you first heard the name of the word ‘Blog’. That time was your thinking. Let’s know about some important thing about it.

A blog is an English word. Jorn Berger first put its name in the weblog in 1997. Later Merholz changed its name to Blog in 1999. Which is famous today by the same name. This name is very much on the internet.

What Is Blog, What Is Blogger, How To Do Blogging

I know that you just know a lot about blog, Blogger & Blogging. But there was a day when you did not know anything about it. I mean that at that time all these words will be utterly ignorant for you as well. And slowly you know everything about it.

How to write an SEO friendly blog post that can easily rank

But even today there are many such people who will not know anything about it. And they will have no idea about them. The way you know about Blog, Blogger, Blogging. Similarly, those people also want to know.

See, according to me, any man’s art, thinking and his passion are called Blog, Blogger & Blogging. Now we know what is the benefit to us all by blog, blogging, blogger.

What is a blog, blogger, blogging

Here I am going to discuss these 3 questions in every detail. And I hope that after reading this post, you will know very well about the blog, blogging, blogger.

If you search in Google. What is the blogger you will get approximately 2 or 3 million results? And in all blogs, it has been given a different definition. But I’m telling you here in a simple way.

  • The blog world is actually taken from the word “weblog” or “weblog”.
  • You can ask it to write an online diary or journal.
  • A blog is a website or web page that posts a daily post. It manages an individual or an email group. These blogs are written on their information and communication.
  • If you say this in a simple language, blog on Page, blog, blogger, and blogger, and the work that is done is called blogging.
  • In another definition, writing blogging on new blogs on a blog is its original definition.
  • The blog is a part of white on which posts and entries are kept in one order.
What Is Blog What Is Blogger How To Do Blogging Complete Guide

Like a journalist, the blogger can write a lot of information on the blog. For this, he can also choose a topic of his own. I mean that a lot of bloggers write blogs on any of my topics. like-

  • Tech will write tech, write news articles.
  • Similar to Magazine & Diary is showcased at the recent homepage of Blog
  • The comment area is enabled to give responses to the blog.
  • Blog, previous post and archive’s history are included.
  • Most of the blog is managed by one or a very few authors.

The ones with the first single admin user were too much. But now many features have taken place in Blogging. And today many authors are working on a blog. And the main author gives them money for their work.

  • The blog has a collection of content that is published from media, audio, video and other sources to create a separate community for people.
  • It’s easy to get started. You can start blogging with a little information in it. You can create a blog on any topic of your choice.
  • The blog is a thing which if you believe it is all but it does not, then it is nothing.
  • This is a tool on which you share the information you need for your readers.
What is a blog? (Blogging Knowledge in English)

With this, you can stay connected with people and reach out to them by doing online business. I mean to say that you can earn so much money from a blog that you can never imagine. In all these times, I have already written many articles. You can read all those articles by visiting my site’s homepage.

What is Blog

This is a website or webpage on which a man writes his thoughts. And with the help of his ideas, he helps his readers by giving good information on a subject.

In simple language, the blog is a fold of a book. The only difference is that the book is written on the offline page and is written on a Blogger or WordPress page like Blog Online.

What is blogger

The blog man writes on the blog, who manages the blog and who starts the blog is called a blogger. As you write a post on a platform, you will be called Blogger.

What is blogging

Blogger writes a blog post and manages it, responds to a blog post and comment. That is what he does on the blog, his work is called Blogging.

Conclusion: If you still have not understood anything then you should carefully read our blog post for a few days and then contact us.

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